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HostCircle : Webhosting Solidified

We are professionals who are fanatic about hosting with a lot of work experience.

HostCircle Inc. is an incorporated company in Wilmington, Delaware with office locations in Chicago, Illinois and Chennai, India.

We provide high-bandwidth hosting solution for the needs of streaming media and the like. We also offer Dedicated Servers with Managed Services as well as Pay-per-Ticket Management options.

We have founded HostCircle with certain goals in mind: First to become a Web Hosting presence on the Internet offering the best Web Hosting experience; Second to provide affordable pricing options to businesses; Third is to be a solid web hosting company and to provide support at every hour of every day.

We have been delivering on all these promises for the past seven years. Thanks to our loyal customers, we have been able to sustain our gradual growth through the years.

Why Choose HostCircle?


Dedicated Professionals

Our staffs have extensive experience in hosting industry. Our personnel are crazy about webhosting and are always dedicated to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.


Customer-Centered Approach to Hosting

The sole reason for HostCircle's continued success is its strong focus on customer satisfaction. We are here to keep you happy and everything else becomes secondary automatically.


Multitude of Options Available

Our options are aplenty. We have an array of packages to get a best-fit optimal solution for you. And, to fine-tune your choice further, we also provide consultation and give various suggestions time after time.


Variety of Offers and Discounts

We not only provide just scalable options for your business, but also frequent offers and periodic discounts for keeping your hosting costs as low as possible. This allows you to save your hard-earned money for other prospective investments. We always remember the adage, “Money saved is money earned”, and make sure our customers are reminded of it often!


Top-Notch Hardware and Network

Discounts and great services doesn't mean we are ready to compromise on quality of service. Nope! Hosting with HostCircle, you never will have to worry about quality of the resources or the service. All our datacenters are provisioned with redundant network, cooling solutions and power back-ups.


Solidified Security Systems

We approache hosting with an ever-alert, security-conscious mindset. All our datacenters are monitored by 24X7 video cameras and implement biometric entry procedures ensuring top quality security.


No Heart-Breakers

If we want to shock you, it would only be a pleasant one. Not the kind of surprise that belongs to the category of hidden costs, sudden overage charges or monthly bills that puts your heart in shock mode. We strive to bring out “Ah!” and “Yeah!” from you rather than “Ouch!” and “Yikes!”.

Top Quality Hosting is Just a Click Away!

End-to-end web hosting solutions in world-class datacenter facilities
to give your website and business the cutting edge they need.